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altशनिवार, ४ ऑगस्ट २०१२
altA friend is sweet when it is new. And it is sweeter when its true. But you know what? its sweetest when its you...

How long shall v b friends?
Do u want a clue? As long as stars twinkle in the sky, till the water runs dry & till the day I die. We will b friends.

altSome friends are remembered because of their smile. Some friends are remembered because of their style. But u are remembered because u r so nice to remember. Take care.

I might run out of cute graphics to send u, but I'll never run out of this: care 4 u.

altA friend is a push when you have stopped, a chat when u r lonely, a guide when u r searching, a smile when u r sad, a song when u r glad.