Mathematics …. An Opulent Poetic Pleasure! Print

Prof. Subhash K. Sawarkar , शुक्रवार, २२ जून २०१२
Ex Prof. V.J.T.I. Mumbai
altA beautiful fable, beared in childhood in a religious discourse has  remained as a treasure in the memory. The first human being created by the Lord was baffled by fear and  anxiety when he looked around at the vast, strange and vivid expanse of the universe! When he could neither judge nor guess anything, he instinctively  asked himself loudly.

“Who… am I?” As if, in reply to his question, the Lord appeared in the infinite, clear and blue sky and smiled at the man. The man suddenly got a spark of realisation and with a happy and content feeling he uttered. “ Oh! I am him only!”
This mythological fable basically underlines the oneness or indivisibility between the ‘soul’ (Deelcee) and ‘The supreme soul’ (hejceelcee means the Lordd), Learning aside the spiritual and fictional part of this fable it reveals an important truth! ‘Who am I?’ Was the first question by the first human being, asked in search of knowledge and ‘I am him only’ was his first discovery!! This was the very first effort of a man on the earth in search of knowledge and it was through the process of question and self-realisation of the answer! Moreover the man guessed that he is ‘one(first) and what he saw in the sky and what he realised to be identical with him is ‘another’ (second). In a way, the idea of counting numbers flashed across his mind, inspiring his thinking power and encouraging the use of his intelect!! This was the beginning of human knowledge on the earth and it started with the most primary method of counting numbers in mathematics! Mathematics, thus proved to be, the first science born on the earth to help the human being in acquiring knowledge!!
Right from the time of the man in the primitive stage, till today, the history of thousands of years of the progress, ascent and civilization of man is, in fact, an incredible and spellbinding account of the achievement, prowess and success of mathematics, impressing its infinite utility in human life. As the pages of this stupendous history turned the subject and fields of human knowledge expanded enormously but the base of each of them was strongly built by mathematics! The connection of basic sciences like Physics and chemistry with Mathematics is well-known but the sciences of Botany, Zoology, Anatomy, Pharmacy etc. Which, apparently, do not seem to be linked with mathematics are also originated and have further progressed with the help of mathematical ideas and methods!!
Over last  several centuries, mathematics has gained unparalleled importance, status and position in human life. Counting, computing, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, analysis, synthesis, tests, criterion, experiment, logic, deduction and selection are taken as elementary process in mathematics, but one can appreciate that these elementary process have become an integral and inseparable part of our daily routine even in the present modern times! The knowledge we receive through our organs of sense is not always the true or complete knowledge. A mirage in the desert can easily deceive our eyesight, on which we rely for a lot of knowledge! For the true and complete knowledge of anything we need in addition to our organs of sense, a thinking power, wisdom and intellect!  It is a fact that Mathematics improves our thinking power, moulds our wisdom and sharpens our intellect!!
Certain axiom in nature have been primarily established by observations and experiments. But assuming them and using them to find and formulate the further secrets is always done by Mathematics through our intellect. The thorough knowledge of universe, solar system, radio-waves the secrets of atoms and molecules satellites , radio, television and computer, various modes of transport, nuclear and electrical power are some of the precious gifts devoted to human race by Mathematics through the medium of physics and Chemistry! The branches of mathematics like statistics and probability have been helping the social science like ‘Economics’ to draw the important conclusions and predictions. Mathematics has now entered the abstract science of ‘Psychology’ and it is helping to ascertain the flow of thinking process, tendencies  and their consequences in the human mind. This will let  the study of Religion, culture, Civilisation  and Philosophy to have the ‘Midas Touch’ of Mathematics!
Our various classical arts-which are considered to be an unending source of joy and beauty in human life have their bases founded by the rules of mathematics. The harmony, melody and rhythm in music, the steps in classical dance, the proportions in sketches and pictures the shape and grace of a sculpture are all formed and influences by basic rules of mathematics. In sport activities also, the rules of most of the indoor and outdoor games are governed by Mathematics. The various forms of literature like story, novel play and poetry are constituted by mathematics and the grammar of almost all languages is itself a mathematical modes!  It is proved beyond doubts, that a person who loves and is well-studied in Mathematics can more easily learn any language and what more, can more easily learn and achieve expertise in any other subject!!
We the Indians, should specially feel proud and delighted that India is the origin of Mathematics! Right since the time when our Aryan ancestors came to this country and named it as, ‘Aryavarta’ . Mathematics has been the inspiring and driving force of the intellectuals in the society. When almost the entire outside world was in the uncivilised primitive stage, Mathematics in India was marching on the path of progress! The rules of Mathematics were being formed and framed in verses!! The concept of ‘Zero’ which, later, made a revolution in counting and expressing numbers and the concept of ‘infinity’ which set a limit to counting are the invaluable gifts of India to Mathematics. The theorem of Pythagoras was known to Indian Mathematics and was being practically used here, centuries before Pythagoras.
This science of mathematics, which has embraced the entire world today was founded in India by great Mathematicians like ‘Baudhayan’, ‘Apastambh’, ‘Katyayan’ ‘Varahmihir’, ‘Aryabhatta’, ‘Brahamagupta’, ‘Mahavir’, ‘Bhaskaracharya’ and ‘Neelkanth’. Later this science was developed further in Europe by ‘Archimedes’, ‘Apolloneous’, ‘Euclid’, ‘Dekart’, ‘Euler’, ‘Lagrange’, ‘Newton’, ‘Leibnitz’ and  Laplace’ etc.
We always remark that the world is becoming smaller and smaller day-by-day due to the modern inventions like Computer, Internet, Satellite and Mobile phones etc., but this magic is brought about basically by the magician called ‘Mathematics’! The journey of human civilization has been with a ride on the sparkling chariot of mathematics!! To realize the obligations of Mathematics, to love it and to try to gain expertise in it is the duty of everyone… especially every student!!!
Cordinate by  :  C.D.Vadke, Vidyaprabodhini, Dadar.
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